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Going anonymous this time, cause people I know might be watching. I'm a 26 year-old straight male and I've been doing anal for many years now, both to myself and several of my sexual partners, so I've got plenty of experience in this area, especia. Fingers and other items in the bum — Safe? | Go Ask Alice! Manuel. Age: 26. All around amazing playmate, no matter the situation I shine The size and price point of this butt plug make it a good choice for beginners if you're only just starting to get into anal play. What are the best ways to stimulate my anus? i stick things that arent flaired in mine, if they "get stuck" i poop them out, it's not that big of a deal. Reply. Loading Mr. over a year ago. Ok I'm 14 and I love to masturbate what I do is take a little crayola skinny market put it in water let it soak and then stick it up my ass when I masturbate it feels so good try it it workso. Reply. Brook. Age: 28. Have desires that need to be fulfilled Fingers... and other items in the bum — Safe? Sep 29, - All Chakrub sex toys are made from pure crystal and are meant to "bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime with the intention of opening oneself up to the healing properties crystals provide." So if that's your thing, this might be the butt plug for you. Or you can just admire how gorgeous it is. Pre-order. Jun 10, - Are you an authority on anal or that person who goes to the ER with something weird stuck up their butt?

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Hannah. Age: 24. Hi guys ! my name is yumiko Jul 7, - For beginners, a big part of having butt sex is putting in some much-needed prep time. After you've tried out a few anal toys by yourself or with a partner, you'll need the right tools: condoms, a dildo or strap-on if you're a queer woman, and, of course, a ton of lube. For queer women, Van Kirk suggested a few. Aug 12, - But butt play can be scary for the uninitiated. Unlike the vagina or mouth, the butt (obviously) does not self lubricate and it can be scary to figure out how, exactly, you should go about putting stuff up there. Throw in the fact that most straight guys are not used to being penetrated by anything at all and you've. Nov 27, - Maybe, with the help of things like this, we'll actually get to the point someday when people can ask about things like this without having to need Cleaning any items inserted into the rectum thoroughly before and after, as well as using a barrier such as a condom, glove, or dam, is the best way to keep.


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