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Every time you masturbate God kills a kitten is a popular Internet meme that exists in a variety of forms, usually as a snowclone printed over a photoshopped image macro. While most varieties will retain one or more elements of the original phrase and/or picture, the general form of the meme is “Every time you {VERB}. If God killed a kitten every time you masturbated, what would you do? - Quora Nyomi. Age: 20. We are independent escort and we talk French (obviously) and English properly I thought it was fascinating. Where your belief in God should go, because it has a right to exist. God, kittens, masturbation, killing, and you are the five points of human existence that postmodernism deems null, void, and evil. The practice of one or more of these points leads to the degradation of the soul, degeneration of health, failed general quality of life, and destruction of mankind. This recently coined philosophy of. Susana. Age: 28. Hi Every time you masturbate... God kills a kitten Jun 30, - Every time you masturbate god kills a kitten. TOXIC SPERM - P.S.A. (acoustic) Demo.

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Rahyndee. Age: 19. Face of an ANGEL To masturbate. This term comes from the saying "every time you masturbate god kills a kitten." To say how many times you have masturbated, you say I have killed x number of kittens. Zeb: That's why I'm on facebook! (not to kill kittens) Alex: How many kittens have you killed? Zeb: I'll just say its technically kitten genocide. Everytime you masturbate a kitten kills a retard 1 2 3 4 5. Picture of kitten chasing kid. NEXT PREVIOUS. Advertisements. Latest Funny | Popular Funny | Upcoming Funny | Add a Funny Pic! | Add a Funny Video! Advertisements. Locations of Site Visitors. Images are owned by their respective creators. All other content. Domestic cats are known to be a major threat to wildlife. They have been a key actor to species extinctions, particularly on islands, and in the US only, billions of birds and other animals are killed by cats each year. See: Cat predation on wildl.


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