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Nov 15, - It went really well. Had horrible social anxiety, barely ever dated at all, never got anywhere. Turned 30, decided to just get it over with, researched for a couple months, found an exceptionally hot and talented high-end ($) escort. Flew to her city, got a nice hotel suite, had her over, went three amazing. losing my virginity to a prostitute, and what I feel now : confession Veruca. Age: 23. well well, to advertise i think i need to show management skills ; let s say i am still reading such books lol so i am gonna be just honest and say i am simply the best ; but it s honesty remember lol You made a mistake. Original post by anon I'm sure that there aren't any guys who have ever lied about their sexual history. I'm confused because it didn't feel as good as I expected when it went in. I enjoyed it a lot tho, a little too much. Maybe because I was drunk. Weird thing is I think I enjoyed being with the women and hearing her moan than the actually penetration. I definitely have more lust now. My boner won't go away. Allie. Age: 24. I am not affiliated with an agent or an agency, so all correspondence are kept confidential. 11 People Who Lost Their Virginity To A Prostitute Reveal What Exactly Happened Oct 6, - Hey guys, normally people would find me as a very non-emotional, type-A kind of guy, but right now I'm rather emotional. I guess this post is just How many of you have lost your virginity to a prostitute?: AskReddit. May 2, - Consequently, brothels have a long and squelchy history as a portal into manhood, spanning the globe from Gilead (a fictional place) to the Netherlands (allegedly a real place). Napoleon lost his virginity to a prostitute he found near the Louvre. Mussolini lost his by hiring "an elderly woman who spilled out.

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Medea. Age: 28. yari ferreira Feb 27, - Hi, Just thought I would talk about my experience, for the all adult virgins out there. I lost my virginity to a prostitute and would say it was a valuable experience. It was kind of like seeing a sex therapist; sex is an important issue in a man's life after all. The experience did jolt, or remind me about whats  Did you lose your virginity to an escort/prostitute? - Page 2. Feb 26, - I am a year-old guy and up until earlier this year I was still a virgin. I get a good amount of attention from women when I do get out, but, without going into too much detail, I do not date a lot because of my crazy busy work/life circumstances. I was a late-bloomer and didn't really start dating until this year. I seriously doubt that "losing [your] virginity will give [you] some motivation and drive." What it might do is satisfy your curiosity about sex and give you the confidence to find a sexual partner who is not in it solely for the money. On this note, the last time a prostitute tried to solicit cash from me in exchange for sex, my response.


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