Holes in latex condoms

Jul 29, - These last days there had been a lot of "bad information" circulating on the net about, the fact that the holes in the latex condom, are about times bigger than an HIV particle, so the virus could pass the intact condom. I think, (and i believe i read that in an paper) that althoug the hole could be times  Condom: holes & oils. Q & A: What is a Micro Tear? – Condom Information from rockstarninja.info Aleska. Age: 21. It's ME!!!!!! I am 100% REAL!!!! New TO Vegas! Totally open-minded FUN, FUN,FUN Friction between the condoms increases the chance of breakage. Effectiveness of latex condoms as a barrier to human immunodeficiency virus-sized particles under conditions of simulated use. Carey RF(1), Herman WA, Retta SM, Rinaldi JE, Herman BA, Athey TW. Author information: (1)Division of Physical Sciences, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Food and Drug. Georgia. Age: 27. Are you looking for friendly girl friend to go for a date? Contact Eva the very hot Brazilian escort in Edinburgh Do condoms have holes? May 13, - Condoms are dipped in the latex twice, gloves only once. If just 4 out of 1, condoms fail the leak test, the whole batch is rejected; the standard for gloves is 40 out of 1, A study of latex condoms by the National Institutes of Health using an electron microscope found no holes at a magnification of Condoms used to be made of natural skin (including lambskin) or of rubber. That's why they are called “rubbers.” Most condoms today are made of latex. Lambskin condoms can prevent pregnancy. However, they have tiny holes (pores) that are large enough for HIV to get through. Lambskin condoms do not prevent the  ‎HOW ARE CONDOMS USED? · ‎Using a Male Condom · ‎Using a Female Condom.

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Dana. Age: 25. Please email, call or text me Nov 16, - Yesterday, I received an email from a reader that asked, “I have an aunt who says that latex condoms don't work against AIDS, because the latex has microscopic holes and actually those don't work against the virus. Is this correct?” It sounds like your aunt is getting her information from the Vatican. Feb 4, - There, feel better? It's not as scary as you thought, we promise. There are two types of micro tears we talk about when we talk about safe sex. The one you're thinking of refers to tears in the latex of the condom. The other refers to tears in the tissue lining. We'll get to that in a sec. Let's start with condoms. "AIDS: Condoms have an 85 percent (annual) success rate in protecting against pregnancy. That's a 15 percent failure rate. But a woman can get pregnant only about six days per month. HIV can infect a person 31 days per month. Latex rubber, from which latex gloves and condoms are made, has tiny, naturally occurring.


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