Fuck the piss out of you

Piss Offunknown. 1. Yeah right, whatever, sure. (sarcastic) 2. Get lost, go away, fuck off. 3. To get someone mad. 1. "Yeah I dumped 20 pills of ecstacy last night." "Piss off cunt." 2. "You'd better piss off outta here before the cops arrive." 3. "You've gone and pissed off the IRS?Yo' in sum shit." by gang fuck September 01, Busted Scotch: Selected Stories - James Kelman - Google Книги Abbey. Age: 28. My name is Jeseka Also Dara O' Briain. I guess because being drunk you piss a lot? Customarily, shortened to just take the piss. From the movie Snatch: "take the piss out of someone" is abbreviated to "take the piss" Boris the Blade: (mutters vague insults at Tony) Bullet Tooth Tony: Don't take the piss (i.e., out of me), Boris! Boris: Fuck you! Tony: (empties the magazine of his Desert Eagle into Boris). Sarah. Age: 23. GFE 21 Times Scots Hilariously Ripped The Fucking Piss Out Of Everyone david allen coe- the rodeo song "you piss me off you fucking jerk" with llyrics!:) funny song lol. Jan 31, - Piss off! - Go away! (Milder analogue of Fuck off!) piss about (or around) - to mess around, do things that aren't really worthwhile. More suggestions welcome in comments. the piss?", are used (in London and other parts of Britain) in situations where John McEnroe would say "You cannot be serious, man!".

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Ariella. Age: 22. let me introduce myself a little. I am an elegant and classy lady, always wearing sexy lingerie, high exclusive shoes and a discreet perfume. Ilove to travel all over the world. Jun 6, - We are officially a nation of cheeky c*nts. It's sort of the American equivalent of "Are you fucking kidding me" Or some similar phrase to question if someone is lying to you, or trying to pull a joke/con on you . As to taking the piss, it's often said that you are taking the piss out of someone, so unless it's meant to imply a more invasive version of pulling. Wonder how they'll feel when I don't give them the time of day. Fuck off shitheads. Well hellerr there. Maybe you should look at how you're treating me before you bitch about how I react to it. Excuse the bad word. Pissed Off Quotes | Pissed Off Facebook Status On Paper Background. See More. u really piss me off today.


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