Galaxy sucked into black hole

Dec 19, - Now, the black holes at the centers of most spiral galaxies do accumulate mass. Some of these black holes have accretion disks around them. These are swirling disks of gas and dust that is slowly falling into the black hole. These gas and dust particles lose their angular momentum through interactions. Ask An Infrared Astronomer: Black Holes Nicole. Age: 25. Hi dear This phenomenon is "orbit". The force of gravity and the angular momentum is what is responsible for orbits. Oct 18, - The spiral arms don't mean that the mass is getting sucked to the center. They're just wave-like density patterns. The bodies in orbit around the center of the galaxy are in stable orbit; just like the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth. What happens is that gravity accounts for the centripetal. Payton. Age: 28. Hi guys,im karina,a independent compagnion for generous and inteligent gentlemens. Friendly,open-minded,active,inteligent, comunicative,stylish. I can be your perfect company, either on a business trip or a leisure trip.. Pay attention that i only expect high level conditions. My hobbies are travelling, swimming, shopping, reading,music,dance and so me..and you will be amazed! If Earth Were Swallowed By A Black Hole, We Might Not Even Notice May 2, - Supermassive black holes are objects millions to billions times the sun's mass that lurk in the hearts of most galaxies. They lay quietly until By measuring the rise of the flare's brightness, the scientists calculated the rate at which the star's gas was getting sucked into the black hole. This in turn helped. Jun 16, - A Black Hole In The Dwarf Galaxy MUCD1 There are several theories as to what would happen if you fell into a black hole: that you would get stretched into spaghetti, or that a wall of fire would But that's not possible, other physicists argue, so surely getting sucked into a black hole means death.

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Stacy. Age: 21. Hi dear gentlemen, I am Anna newly and sexually fresh lady in Israel What I wrote above is not to say that nothing gets sucked into the black hole. A crap load of stuff gets sucked into the black hole every day. But not at a rate that will devour our galaxy any time soon. The Milky Way is huge. To put it into perspective, let's use Earth as a reference point. If Earth existed indefinitely, how long. Feb 15, - Yet for a supermassive black hole, such as the one thought to reside at the centre of our galaxy, an object could readily sink below the event horizon before becoming spaghetti, at a distance of many tens of thousands of kilometres from its centre. For a distant observer outside the event horizon of the black. Black Holes. [BACK]. Where does the matter that gets sucked into a black hole go? Black holes are fascinating things, but one of the frustrating things is how little we know about them. Your question about The Andromeda Galaxy, for example, is 2 million light-years away, so we see it as it appeared 2 million years ago.


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