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Dec 30, - My invention is a device for so covering up the sexual organs of a person addicted to the vice of masturbation, from his own touch and control, that he must Filed under “Devices for Preventing or Checking Involuntary Spermatic Discharges,” this bizarre contraption offered a painful departure from former. Anti Masturbation Devices Roxy. Age: 27. We can meet and play in bucharest and will also travel in europe. The list of anti-masturbation and excessive emissions techniques seems endless while researching this era. Photos discovered frozen in block of ice… Alexander Stevens on Aurora deck - chief scientist and geologist. Feb 26, - In the US Patent Office records, there are over 30 patents for devices to prevent masturbation dating between and Luckily, around the medical profession disproved the theory and all us wankers were saved. Post script: Ironically, the biggest market for anti-masturbation devices is now the. Bedeli. Age: 28. I get alone with everyone and love laugh and gifts 10 Most Gruesome Anti-Masturbation Devices in History Oct 30, - 10 Most Gruesome Anti-Masturbation Devices in History. Masturbation is a natural thing that almost all adolescent teenagers around the world go through. But many religions around the world consider masturbation as a sin and self-abuse. It is proven scientific fact that masturbation among males prevents. May 2, - Even naturally occurring nocturnal emissions were diagnosed as the disease Spermatorrhea. The Victorian era saw a plethora of anti-masturbation and nocturnal emission prevention device patents. Hard to believe these cruel and often painful devices were ever created much less used. Jaws That Bite.

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Nika. Age: 24. I like black color and sexy lingerie, gloves and stockings, high hills and dance. I have nice body and velvet tent skin, it makes me horny when you touch it Jun 27, - But if you visit the related Facebook page for Stop Masturbation NOW, you'll realize from some of the completely over-the-top mentions of "self-rape" that it is indeed a joke. Thank goodness someone in this world is standing up for masturbation. Even if you're religious and care to impart a certain vision of. Aug 4, - Corn Flakes were invented by John Harvey Kellogg in the 19th century. Mr Kellogg created the plain cereal to prevent people masturbating - which he believed caused 39 illnesses including acne. Jul 29, - Ingenious devices invented by Caleb Hamer to help sexually weak Christians stop masturbating.


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