Male sperm is addictive

Nov 16, - Many other people out there love the taste, the texture, and every other aspect of swallowing semen. Pleasure. “Lots of women derive pleasure from feeling a lover's erection in their mouths. But few women relish what you often see in [adult films] having their heads held firmly while men push their erections. - Page not found Kerry. Age: 29. Hello, Dear Gentleman! My name is Jane I give high-quality ESCORT service Less sex is best. Subtle chiropractic misalignments in the low back. May 30, - Dr. Gordon G. Gallup theorizes (via Feministing) that women have a "chemical dependency" on semen. He's based "To regard the gay male patrons of the venue as providing an entertainment or spectacle to be stared at, as one would at an animal at a zoo, devalues and dehumanizes them," she said. Sara. Age: 22. My name is sohee I’m Addicted To Swallowing My Boyfriend’s Sperm And It’s Affected Our Relationship Feb 22, - He aimed his gun at the target with exact precision, releasing his sperm faster than a speeding bullet, speeding pass my cervix, penetrating multitude of layers until reaching For example, the sexy, alpha male athlete who was dumb as bricks. This makes sex highly addictive, causing us to crave more. Addiction is always hard on relationships. 5. Dangers for men. Single men can be fooled into thinking a woman is in love with him, when, in fact, she just wants his sexual fluid. Married men become . One must realize sexual fluid craving is a disorder, not just a craving for a good time, or a “healthy addiction” to sex.

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Kristina. Age: 23. Being talkative and making friends easy, i am sure that if we will ever meet we will have a memorable time together. So, why dont we try? Dec 18, - Surprisingly, scientific studies say, "yes." This might raise some eyebrows among feminists, but scientific results do show this to be the case. They are not sure exactly why (chemically), but women can become reliant on a man's semen. The semen must be introduced vaginally and not orally. Orally it doesn't. Semen: women can get addicted to it just like a drug. ( PM)GameTheory Wrote: My jizz is like heroin. That must be why they . TheMan Offline Alpha Male * Posts: 1, Joined: Dec Reputation: 6. May 9, - Many of you quite reasonably questioned whether the mood-boosting properties of semen could apply to other types of sex than vaginal. For now, that's an open question, as Gallup says no studies have been conducted on the anti-depressant properties of semen received by women or men during oral or.


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